Every Vidigami User is assigned a Role.

There are 6 basic Roles built into Vidigami, each having a specific set of permissions for full or limited access to Pages, features and functionality.  Roles are assigned by Administrators, who can also create Custom Roles with tailored sets of permissions as needed. 
Here are the basic Roles, with access permissions from highest to lowest:
ADMINISTRATOR - has full access to all features and functionality in Vidigami, including the Admin area to add/remove users. It is recommended that there should be no more than four Vidigami Admins per school.
SITE MANAGER - has the same permissions as Content Owner, but is also able to delete and/or move photos and videos uploaded by any user.
CONTENT OWNER - can create Pages, upload media to Pages, embed videos, download multiple photos at once, and share Collections outside of Vidigami (public sharing).  
CONTRIBUTOR - by default, this role is given to all users added to Vidigami. Contributors can view and upload media to accessible Pages, download one photo at a time, face tag photos of themselves and their child(ren), add context tags to media they upload, and create Collections.
SPECTATOR - can view accessible Pages, and add Face Tags to photos of their child(ren) and/or of themselves.
NO ACCESS - if necessary, a user can be blocked from accessing Vidigami.