How do I add "Face" or "With" Tags?

"Face" Tags

  1. Click on any photo to open the Lightbox.
  2. Select the ‘Tag Faces’ option in the Lightbox header: 
  3. Click on any face in the photo.
  4. A box will appear. 
  5. Click on the text field below the square and begin typing the name of the user. A dropdown list will display all of the group members. Click on the correct name.
  6. Users can always remove or change a "face" tag if there is a mistake.
Only users that are part of the school's Vidigami system will be available to use "Face" tags. 
You can use the "Search All" option to access users from past years.

"With" Tags

A “With” Tag is similar to a “Face” Tag. It identifies a user in a photo, but instead of being visible while hovering over a user’s face in the photo, it is added to the photo's Metadata. "With" Tags can be added to individual photos or groups of photos.
Individual Photos
  1. Click on any photo to open the Lightbox.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top right – 
  3. Click on the pencil icon (top right) of the window that opens. 
  4. Under the "With" header, start typing 2-3 letters of a Vidigami user’s name. (NOTE: as with Face Tags, use the "Search All" to access users from previous years.)
  5. Click on their name.
  6. Repeat for other faces in the photo.

Multiple Photos
  1. Go to any Page or Album.
  2. Go to Gallery View - 
  3. Select the photos you want to tag by hovering over the top left corner corner of each image thumbnail and clicking to activate the checkmark.
  4. Click on the Tag icon at the top - 
  5. Type in the names of persons in all the photos you have selected.
  6. Click Create -