Page Permissions

Every Page in Vidigami has its own set of Permissions, which determines who can View, Contribute to, or Edit that page.

Permissions can be set for an individual user or a Group

Vidigami Administrators have access to all Pages, regardless of the Permissions that are set on any Page.

To add/edit Permissions on a Page:

Go to your Explore area of Vidigami and click on a Page. Click on the person icon:

Type in the name of a Group or Individual. Change the Permission in the drop-down to View, Contribute, or Edit. Click Share:

Your year Group (e.g. 2021/2022) will have all of your current Vidigami members. You can add this Group if you want everyone to access the Page. 

Permission Levels:

  1. VIEW - users in the group are able to View any photos on the Page or in Albums on that Page.
  2. CONTRIBUTE - users in the group be able to View and Contribute media to the Page and/or Albums on that Page.
  3. EDIT - users are allowed to View, Contribute, and Create albums on the Page.