How do I create a Slideshow?

Share a slideshow for viewers outside of Vidigami.

Though Vidigami is a "closed system" (only invited users can access, view, and contribute media), a school CAN share media to viewers outside of Vidigami, such as grandparents, prospective parents, and the school board. To do this, Vidigami Administrators (and users with the "Public Sharing" permission added to their Role) can create and share using the Slideshow option.

Slideshows are created from Collections. (See Collections.)

Creating and Sharing Slideshows

Users with permission can create a Slideshow from any of their own Collections by clicking on the "flying out arrow" icon. (Note: Currently, shared collections can only be shared by the owner of the collection.)

Selecting the Slideshow option prompts the user to accept the End User Agreement:


Copy Link:
Generates a new HTML link (URL) for sharing a dynamic Slideshow viewable by anyone outside of Vidigami.  The link can be emailed, or posted on any social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Embed Slideshow:

Generates a code that can be used for embedding slideshows in web pages, in blog posts, on digital signage software, and in other platforms.