Media Types and Sizes

3 different types of media file formats can be uploaded, viewed and organized in Vidigami: images, video files, and external (embedded) video links.


  • File formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Dimensions: smaller than 10000×10000 pixels (but larger than 100×100 pixels)
  • File size: smaller than 20mb (but larger than 10kb)

(See "How do I upload photos?")

Native Videos (Clips or Long-Form Videos):*

  • File formats: MP4 (with H264 Codec), MOV (Apple with H264 Codec)
  • Length: under 5 minutes
  • File size: under 1440mb (when Upload Video permission is enabled)

External (embedded) Video:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

(See "How do I embed an external video from Youtube or Vimeo?")

*Video upload is not on by default. If you want it enabled, please complete a support form to request it. There is no additional charge.