The Lightbox is the primary media viewer in Vidigami.

The Lightbox displays images and videos in a large format for gallery viewing. It also allows users to update any information associated with the media.

Click on any image to open the Lightbox:


Lightbox Features


  • Tag Faces - Shows the faces available to be tagged in the photo. 

  • Social Reactions - LIKE, APPLAUD, or show your enthusiasm with WOW: REACTION_ICONS

  • Save Media - Adds media to your personal MY SAVED tab.

  • Share Media - Shares media to a Page, Album, or Collection of your choice.

  • Download - Downloads media to your device.

  • Properties: - View and edit media properties (metadata information).

  • Previous/Next - Step forward or backward to view the gallery of photos/videos.
  • See More - (bottom left corner of Lightbox) Displays all the Pages and Collections where media has been shared.