Home Page

When you first log into Vidigami you will be on your Home Page. The Home Page contains three sections:


The Sidebar has three sections:
  1. School Name - Click this to get back to the main feed
  2. Personal Page and Relationships - Click on your name or your child's name to get to Collections and Tagged photos
  3. Recent Pages - Click on any of these to jump to those Pages


The Feed is where you see all the Media that has been uploaded to Pages you have permission to view. The most recent images are at the top. 
You can quickly move between viewing all media or just media on your Favorite Pages. (See Explore)
From the Feed you can quickly jump to a Page or Album by clicking on the text link above the image.


The top of the Home Page is where you can search for photos by keyword and / or user name. See Searching for more details.
In addition, you can click on Explore from your Home Page to select your Favorite Pages.