Adding a Watermark to a Photo

Watermarks are used to protect and prevent images from being replicated. When you watermark an image in Vidigami, a digital screen will be overlaid on that image and the download option will be removed.
Users are able to copyright or watermark the media they upload. Vidigami Administrators may add a copyright or watermark to any media. 
Copyrighting and Watermarking media can be especially helpful if sharing photos from a professional photo studio. 

To add a Watermark a single photo:

1. Click on a photo to open the Lightbox.

2. Click on the "three dots" icon at the top right to open the Media Information panel: METADATA_open

3. Click on the "pencil" icon to edit Media Information settings:

NOTE: The "Edit Media" icon is only available to the User who uploaded the photo as well as Vidigami Admin.


4. Click the "Display Watermark" toggle ON:


5. Click "SAVE" at the top of the Metadata panel:

6. Click on the "X" to close the Media Information panel:
7. You may have to re-fresh your browser in order to see the watermark: