The Difference Between an Album and a Collection

An Album is a place to group and organize photos on a Page. It can be used for an event (a field trip or sports game), for organizing periods of time (October happenings), and for curriculum units (earthquake models or art projects). Albums have the same permissions as the Page, so if a user can view the photos on a Page, they will also be able to view the photos in an Album added to the Page. If a user has permission to contribute to a Page, they can contribute to any Albums added to the Page.
A Collection is an individual storage or working "folder". You create Collections in your personal space (by clicking on your name in Vidigami). Unless shared, a Collection can only be viewed by the user that created it. Collections are designed for collating and collaborating. Examples of uses for Collections include yearbook, marketing, and weekly happenings. 
  1. Yearbook Advisors can make Collections and add photos that are added to Pages / Albums to each Collection that will then use to create their yearbook pages.
  2. Marketing Directors can create Collections to gather photos for marketing materials like brochures and magazines. 
  3. Communication Assistants can use a Collection to add 10-15 new photos each week collated from the uploads to Pages, and then shared outside of Vidigami in the weekly parent newsletter.
Although a Collection can be shared to a Page, it is recommended that 1) Albums be used for Pages and 2) Collections be used for private collaboration. Collections shared to a Page can be viewed by everyone who can view that page. Users cannot collaborate (add additional media) to a Collection shared to a page unless the Collection owner has added them as a collaborator to that Collection.