Onboarding for a New School Year

Onboarding is the process of setting up Vidigami for a new school year.

Each year Vidigami requires what is called Onboarding. This sets up Vidigami for the new year. Only users that are Onboarded will have access to the current year's media. (NOTE: Vidigami Admin users have access to all media, include the current year, even if they have not been onboarded.)
Users are Onboarded in two ways:

1. Spreadsheet Method

Using the .csv (spreadsheet) method, you will populate the templates linked below with your users and send it to Vidigami. Our Onboarding Team will upload for you. 
A) The first template - AddUserList - has all your users in it. You will need to include the following fields:
    1. Preferred Name (optional)
    2. First Name (required)
    3. Last Name (required)
    4. Email (required for any user that will be logging into Vidigami)
    5. User Type - parent, student, or staff (required)*
    6. Host ID - a unique number that does not change, usually from your Student Information System (required)
    7. Grad Year (optional but recommended for all students)

B) The second .csv (spreadsheet) - RelationshipsList - has all your parents and students in it. This is to match up parents to their child(ren).
    1. Host ID Student
    2. Host ID Parent
    3. Repeat for multiple parents / multiple children. (For example, if a child has three parents, the child's host ID would be listed in A2, A3, and A4. Then each parent's Host ID would be listed in B2, B3, B4.)
*If a staff member has a child at the school, they should be listed as User Type - Staff. They should also be added to the Relationship template to link them to their child(ren).
Once onboarded, if you have user changes during the year, you can Manually Adding Users

2. Integration Method

Vidigami supports integration with Veracross, Blackbaud, iSams (via Wonde), and SIMS (via Wonde). If you using any of these Student Information Systems (SIS), reach out to Vidigami for instructions on setting up an integration. Once integrated, you will need to manually sync (option within Vidigami) whenever user changes are made in your SIS.

Each year, the school's Vidigami Admin will be invited to our Onboarding Portal - Rocketlane. This has instructions for all steps. Here are the videos for the 23/24 onboarding season which can also be accessed in Rocketlane.