Categories are the highest level of media organization (followed by Pages and Albums). Every Page must be located in a Category. Every Album must be located on a Page.
(See How is Vidigami Organized?)

You can have as many Categories as you want, but we recommend no more than 12 categories for best organization. 

Categories are usually set up by the school's Vidigami Administrators. Category setup and management is located under Manage Site. Only users with permission will see this option.

Some common examples of Categories are:

  • Internal: Generally used for Pages with limited access.
  • Academics: Where class, grade, and other teacher pages can go.
  • Athletics: For everything sporting related.
  • Events: School-wide or multi-grade events are often uploaded here on Pages like Halloween, School Spirit Day, and First Day of School.
  • Student Life: Everything outside of the classroom - often used at boarding schools
  • Off-Campus: Off-campus events like overnight field trips and summer abroad.