Vidigami Organization

Categories, Pages, Albums... and Collections!

Vidigami has three main levels of of organization:
  1. Categories are the highest level of organization. Examples include: Academics, Events, Sports, and Student Life. We recommend limiting the number of Categories to no more than 12. Generally, only Vidigami Admin have access to create and edit Categories. 
  2. Pages are the level under a Category. Schools can add as many Pages as they want under a category, such as: "Grade 3", "Ms. Renee's Art Classes", "Robotics", "Basketball", "Halloween Festival", etc. We recommend that Vidigami Administrators create the Pages, as this will help to keep the site organized. 
  3. Albums, the third level of organization, are always attached to a Page and take on the permissions of that Page (ie. if a user has permission to view a Page, they are also able to view all Albums on that Page, and if a user has permission to contribute to a Page, they can also contribute to any Album on that Page). Pages can be set up to require that all media be uploaded to an Album, so that no photos or videos can be uploaded to the Page itself. Schools can give users the ability to create their own albums by granting them permission to edit a Page. We recommend that faculty and staff be given access to easily create and organize Albums when uploading photos. 
Additional Organization:
Collections are "working folders" that provide a central space for users to collect and organize media from different sources within Vidigami, which is ideal for projects such as yearbooks, weekly parent newsletters, or marketing projects. Collections are accessible by clicking on your name on the left hand side of the home page.
With permission, a user can share a Collection as a slideshow outside of Vidigami, using a link or embed code. Examples include newsletters, social media, and digital signage. But note that only Collections can be shared outside of the Vidigami platform.