HEIC Support

Users can upload photos directly from an iOS device (iPad / iPhone) to Vidigami. The built in iOS software will automatically convert the .heic files to .jpg before uploading.

On a computer, users with a Mac can upload .heic directly using Safari. (NOTE: This does not work with Chrome or other browsers.) 

  • Open Safari
  • Login into Vidigami
  • Use the Upload option (top right) or if your computer screen is smaller, use the + sign on the bottom right.
  • Select the .heic photos you want to upload to Vidigami.
  • Complete the form (select page / album and category).
  • Upload.

NOTE: The drop / drag option does not work for .heic images.

If you are on a Windows machine or do not have access to use Safari, you can convert your .heic images to .jpg before uploading.