Convert .HEIC files to .JPG

.HEIC photo files cannot be uploaded to Vidigami at this time, so use this handy app to convert your photos to jpg files.

1. Download Pixillion Image Converter for PC or Mac here.


2. Install and open the app:

Pixillion_Image_Converter_2022_0011_Layer 02

3. Drag and drop your .HEIC photo files into Pixillion:

Pixillion_Image_Converter_2022_0010_Layer 03

4. Set the folder location, JPG output format, and compression settings, then click "CONVERT":

Pixillion_Image_Converter_2022_0009_Layer 04

5. Pixillion will begin processing the files:

Pixillion_Image_Converter_2022_0004_Layer 09

6. When processing is complete, click "Open Folder" to view the jpg files:

Pixillion_Image_Converter_2022_0003_Layer 10

Now log into your Vidigami account and upload your jpg photos!

Two Additional Apps that are also free and work well are: