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Trust in Vidigami

In a world of smartphones, visual media, and social sharing, schools must be attentive to the personal data of its students and staff. The scope of personal data and how it is shared have expanded greatly over the past 20 years. That’s why protecting digital rights, privacy, and student data are Vidigami’s top priorities.

  • It starts with your school
    • Only members of your school are invited to participate in Vidigami. As part of the Onboarding process, your school adds users to the system, assigns appropriate permissions to them, and decides how and when they are invited to participate. In managing content and user access, Vidigami enables educators, students and families to leverage media in a way that is responsible and rewarding.
  • Vidigami is a private social platform
    • No one can freely join your community, follow your account or ‘friend’ you. Unless you are an authorized member of the school, content is inaccessible. When members are invited to activate their account, they must accept an End User License Agreement (EULA), authorizing other members of the school with personal use rights to each other’s content.
  • Vidigami promises to use your data solely to provide you the best experience. Vidigami will not:
    • Sell/lease or provide any data to any third party.
    • Advertise or target your families or staff.
    • Spam you or use cookies to track you or your children. 
  • Your data is secure and protected
    • Multiple levels of security have been designed to protect all data in Vidigami. For example, all media is replicated and backed-up at upload. The image and any associated metadata is encrypted and stored independently to maximize content privacy and security. Vidigami actively prevents search engines from indexing media and capturing any personal data not intended for public sharing.