Single Sign On (SSO)

Currently SSO is supported through Blackbaud and Finalsite.


If you would like to offer end users access to Vidigami via your Finalsite portal, Finalsite allows you to create an 'SSO' link that would redirect users who have already activated their Vidigami account. This removes the user's need to repeatedly log into the system using their email and password.

*Note: Mobile access will still require email and password credentials. Please also be advised that when using SSO in Vidigami, we do not support Internet Explorer as your web browser.

Steps to Enable Single Sign-On Link for FinalSite
  1. Contact your Finalsite representative in order to create the connection with Vidigami.
  2. A Finalsite 'link' will be created, which can then be embedded into your portal as needed. This link serves as a one-time activation request whereby users are prompted to set up their password and accept Vidigami’s end-user agreement. (On mobile, users will be prompted to provide their login name and associated password upon installing the Vidigami iOS or Android app.)
  3. Following the initial activation, users will then be redirected to their account without the need to login to the system


Follow the Blackbaud SSO instructions.