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What is a Host ID, and why do I need it?

A host ID is a unique identifier. We use Host IDs to uniquely identify users.  You will need to provide a Host Id for each member. Most Student Information Systems (SIS) provide a unique number for each user. Any combination of letters and / or numbers is fine. 
If your SIS does not provide a unique identifier for your users, you can make your own. A Host ID must be unique to a user. Host IDs are also case sensitive, so we recommend using all lower case if you are creating your own IDs.
It is critical that Host IDs remain the same from year to year. Some schools choose to use emails or a combination of last and first names (e.g. renee224@gmail.com or ramigrenee). This is fine too, but remember that these need to stay the same from year to year. If a user changes their email or their name is changed because of a marriage, the Host ID should not be changed. Be sure you have recorded the host IDs in some system such as your SIS as they will need to be provided to Vidigami each year for all users. (NOTE: If integrating with Veracross of Blackbaud, the system will provide a Host ID automatically.)