Integrating your SIS with Vidigami

If you are integrating with Blackbaud or Veracross, you will need the secret and key.


  • Use this form to let us know you want to integrate with Blackbaud.
  • Vidigami will contact Blackbaud to set up the initial integration.
  • To generate a secret and key in Blackbaud use this BB KB Article
  • As long as you manually sync (under Integration in Vidigami) once every 90 days, your Secret & Key will not expire.
  • To add secret & key to Vidigami:
    • Go to admin in Vidigami (three dots - administration)
    • Click on Integrations
    • Key = Username
    • Secret = Password
    • Subdomain =

  • NOTE:  Once the new credentials for the Vidigami user have been saved in Blackbaud, please copy and paste them into Vidigami, ensuring there are no leading or trailing spaces. After that, you must save the update in Vidigami.

    We've noticed that sometimes the Blackbaud credentials expire early or won't validate a new Secret/key. Unfortunately, this is on Blackbaud's side, and Vidigami has no control over when this happens. Please try to regenerate at least twice (following instructions above) to see if it will work.

    If you try this process multiple times and still experience issues, please fill out a support form, and we can reach out to Blackbaud on your behalf.


  • The school will reach out to Veracross support.
  • Request this information sent directly to the school not using the Veracross Portal. Vidigami requires the legacy option from Veracross. 
  • Use this form to send Vidigami the integration information sent to the school from Veracross.
  • To add secret & key to Vidigami:
    • Go to admin in Vidigami (three dots - administration)
    • Click on your school name
    • Click on Integrations
    • vidigami.schoolname = Username
    • Password = Password
    • Client = schoolname


  • Ensure you are set up in Wonde. Reach out to Wonde if you are not already using this tool.
  • Once set up with Wonde, reach out to Vidigami using this form
  • Currently, we support iSams and Sims through Wonde. If you are using another Wonde supported SIS, we will test out the integration and let you know if we can support it.