Vidigami V3 Updates




Face Tag Last Used

When Face Tagging, the menu that pops up will show not only yourself and your child(ren), but also the names of the last three users you tagged.

March 2023

Consent Management

The Admin Portal was updated to include a filter to search for users with specific consent management, all students have a color-coded ring based on consent level, and consent level is included in the export.

March 2023

Batch Download in Web Format

When downloading multiple photos, you can now choose between web or original image quality.

February 2023

Is this Me?

Opt-In Feature (schools must request it)

“Is this Me?” clusters all suggested face matches of a user and displays them for manual confirmation.

Faces are automatically tagged when a match is assigned greater than 97% recognition confidence.  

The goal of this feature is to promote discovery of relevant content. 

Minimum Permission Level: School with FR-enabled

January 2023

Portrait Updates 

Schools can share jpg images named the Host ID of the user (students, staff, and / or parents), and Vidigami will upload / update their portraits in Vidigami.

January 2023

Media Request Link  

The media request link is designed to remove the need for uploaders to navigate into Vidigami before they can upload.  With “one click”, users can easily upload one or multiple photos directly to the Page, Album or Collection per the User’s request. 

Min. Permission Level:  Page Editor or Content Manager. 

November 2023

Share Link

The share link provides a URL that takes users directly into the gallery view of any Page, Album or Collection.  This link can be emailed or shared in documents and newsletters for quick access to the content. 

Min. Permission Level: Page Editor or Content Manager.  

October 2022

Apple Social Sign-on Added

Users can now choose to log into Vidigami with their Apple login as well as with Google, Microsoft, or an email / password combination.

October 2022

iOS App Added to App Store

The iOS App is now available in the App store. All users should remove old apps, including the PWA app, and download from the Apple or Google Play store.

October 2022

Video Size Increase

Uploading videos is an Opt-In Feature (schools must request it)

Max video size increases from 700 - 1440 mb. 

Min. Permission Level:  Schools must request video uploads be enabled before it is available to users.

October 2022

Download All Images in a Collection

Users can download all images in a Collection at one time with a single click. Collections may contain up to 500 media items.

July 2022

Add Albums

The “Add Albums” permission can be turned on for any user by updating their Role. 

July 2022

Edit Integration

If a school is using an SIS / MIS integration, they can edit / update the integration information such as secret & key and save it.

July 2022

Page Edit Access 

A user can now quickly edit access on a page including what users can access and their access level (view, contribute, or edit)

Min Permission Level: Page Editor or Content Manager.

July 2022

Page Access 

Schools can now choose to share a Page with only users in the current School Year or with Everyone (including users from past years) or to make a page private so access is by invited only (per designated users or groups).

July 2022

Added the “Explore All Pages” line

The “Explore All Pages” link is added to the bottom left, so a user can quickly get back to Explore from anywhere in Vidigami.

May 2022

Add More to Post

The user that created a post can add additional media to the same post.

May 2022

Updated Group Creator

Groups can be created by selecting users from a list, from copying / pasting in a list of names or host ids.

April 2022

Create Pages from Groups

A school can request a Page be created from a group. The Page Created will be named the same as the Group and only group members (and Vidigami Admin) will be able to access it.

April 2022

Updated Notifications

A user will get a notification in their browser or app if they are added to a Page, tagged, or their child is tagged.

April 2022

Reactions can be Disabled

Schools can choose to disable reactions -

March 2022

Search by Type of Content

Can limit search to: 

  • Context Tags
  • People Tags
  • Created By Tags
  • Album Title
  • Category Title
  • Collection Title
  • Page Title

March 2022

Logo & Color Update

School Vidigami Admin can update a logo and / or change primary and secondary colors for their school. NOTE: The logo must be square and saved as a .jpg.

March 2022

Collections Sort

In the “see all” area of Collections, you can sort by Name, Creation Date, or Recently Updated


Collections - Custom Sort

Drop & Drag and Save to order media in Collections

February 2022

Batch Select

Use shift to select multiple images while in Gallery View on Pages, Albums, and Collections

February 2022


Sort Categories and Pages alphabetically or by recently updated. The order is saved in your browser cache.

February 2022


Select your Favorite Pages in Explore. Toggle the switch in Explore as well as on your Feeds page to view only your Favorite Pages. Your Favorites are saved to your profile, so clearing your cache does not remove your Favorite selects. However, the switch option to view or not view favorites is stored in cache.

February 2022


Third level of organization added to organize photos on a Page - Albums - e.g. Field Trip to the Zoo, Team vs. Team sports game, Growing Plants Unit

December 2021

Move a Post

A full Post can quickly be moved to a new Page and / or Album. 

November 2021


Similar to the V2 Sets, a private space to collate photos for projects like yearbook, a marketing campaign, development, and more.

October 2021

Recent Pages

List of five recently visited pages for quick access on the home page.

September 2021

New Organization

Two levels of organization:

  • Categories - e.g. Academics, Sports, Events
  • Pages - e.g. 2nd Grade, Class of 2025, Lower School Arts

August 2021

Brand New Layout

V3 is launched with a brand new layout

July 2021