Use Collections to add new media to your Digital Signage

WHY: Having to keep Digital Signage updated can be time consuming. Being able to make changes in Vidigami and have it instantly be reflected, can save time and keep content exciting.

  • Create a collection. If you have multiple Digital Displays, name it for the one(s) you will be using it with. 
  • Add photos to the collection.
  • Use the flying out arrow icon, public slideshow, and copy the Embed Link. 
  • Add this embed link to your Digital Signage Software. Now, you just change the photos in the collection and the Digital Display is automatically updated.
  • You can even add Text to each image that will show up in the slideshow (at the top left of the image).
    • Click on an image.
    • Click on the three dots (top right)
    • Click on the Pencil icon.
    • Type in a Title.
    • Save