Understanding Facial Recognition

Schools have two options for Facial Recognition:

Option 1: Enable (Opt-In) Facial Recognition

The school gives permission to Vidigami to use facial recognition technology on all images processed through the system.  It is not possible to Opt-Out of facial recognition on a per student/user basis because the identity of an individual cannot be determined until AFTER an analysis has been completed and verified.  If schools are concerned about this, they should Opt-Out of facial recognition.  

Option 2: Disable (Opt-Out) Facial Recognition

The school elects not to use facial recognition but maintains facial detection.  Facial detection will determine whether a face is found on an image but it will not analyze the face and assign identity.  It is up to the school and its users to tag photos from the list of registered users. 

In both scenarios, users may Opt-Out from Vidigami, whereby any photo uploaded (by any user) and tagged by name (manually or automatically) will be unshared with the community.  
If users simply don't want their photos to be shared publicly (ie. social media or school advertising), we recommend that these users either Opt-In to restrict permissions to "No Public Release" OR apply one of the 3 other restriction levels available to be assigned by each school.  A visual indicator will appear on the thumbnail to highlight the image so that staff can respect the permissions granted by users.  By default, families and students ONLY have personal use rights and are discouraged from sharing photos publicly - this is a message we reinforce at every download and this message should be reinforced when communicating school policies.
Optionally, watermarks may be applied to certain photos which would protect images from being copied and disabled from being downloaded in full resolution.