Share Slideshows in your Newsletters

WHY: If your school has not yet rolled out Vidigami to your community, this will allow them to still share in some of the activities via photos each week. For schools that are using it with parents, it will excite parents and encourage them to log

  • Create a Collection called Highlights of the Week.
  • Share this publicly by copying the URL (under the flying arrow icon).
  • Put this URL in the footer of your weekly parent newsletter.
  • Each week, add a few photos from Pages / Albums that were uploaded the past week. 
  • Remember to delete the photos from the Highlights of the Week collection. (Remember, they are still sitting on the pages. So they are not being deleted from Vidigami.)
  • The link in the newsletter never changes because the photos are changed within Vidigami.
  • It is recommended you limit slideshows to a max of 30 photos.