Known Issues

Below are a list of known issues with Vidigami. If you have found an issue / bug not listed below, please put in a support ticket. 

Issue / Bug


Notes / Workarounds

Date Fixed

Tags not Importing IPTC keywords / tags added to photos (e.g. from Lightroom) are not importing when uploading to Vidigami.    
Cannot Download from iOS Downloading has been disable in iOS temporarily. Download from a Computer or Android device.  
Users are not able to tag faces. Non-admin users are not able to tag faces of users not related to them.    
Users cannot add context tags. Non-admin users with the Role option "add context tags" enabled do not have access to edit a photo and add tags.    
Login Error Blinking screen / 500-series errors happen during login. This is a caching issue. Clear browser cache using "all time." Also try on another browser / device.  
Bulk action limited to 500 users. A bulk action in the admin area (e.g. change role, invite user, etc.), will not apply to more than 500 users at a time. Continue to select all and apply the bulk action. It will apply to 500 each time.  
Portraits not updating Portraits sent to Vidigami to upload, are not updating past portraits.  Send the portraits to and she will upload them as soon as the error is fixed. Remember to name each portrait the user's host ID.  
Video Processing Videos added from iOS (and sometimes from Mac) get stuck in processing and never fully upload. Try uploading from Mac or Windows computer. 01/16/2023
Portraits Displaying Sideways In gallery view, portraits uploaded from an iOS device display sideways. This has been fixed. 12/30/2022