Is This Me

Understanding Vidigami's AI Assisted Facial Recognition System

Is This Me is an AI optimized system that will make suggestions once it reaches a basic assurance of the identity of the user. These suggestions will show up for Parents (and Students) to accept or reject. The more photos that are accepted / manually tagged, the more frequent the suggestions. All photos that are accepted go into the user's portfolio. 
Assurance level for Auto-Tagging is set high as many parents do not like to see mis-tags. With enough verified suggestions and manual tags, auto-tagging will begin to happen. 
Is This Me is not on by default. Fill out this short form if you wish Vidigami to enable this feature. There is no additional cost.
If you are a Vidigami Admin, you can quickly see tagged photos of all your users. In your Admin Portal, next to each name, is the number of tagged photos.**
Clicking on the number will bring you to the user's personal space where you can see all face tag photos, all content tag photos, and suggestions if you have Is This Me enabled.
Additionally, if you have Is This Me enabled, when you click on a face that is tagged, you will see a number which indicates the number of suggestions this user has. You can click on the number, so you can go in and select or reject the suggestions.
**Schools should encourage parents (and students if they are Vidigami users) to tag themselves (and their child(ren)) as well as approve / reject suggestions.