Creating an Album

An Album is where you upload media on a Page.

An Album can be created directly on a Page or when uploading media by:

  • Any user that has the "Add Album" option enabled in their Role.

To create an Album on a Page:

  • Go to any Page.
  • Click the "Album" icon at the top right of the page: image-png-Mar-04-2022-11-14-03-42-PM
  • In the "Create an Album" pop-up, type in a title and optionally the description for the new Album.
  • The Start and End Dates will be the current date by default. You can change these to any date within the school year, from one day to a full school year range. (NOTE: The date is only used as a way to organize the Albums. It does not limit when users can view and / or contribute.)
  • Click "CREATE" to close the pop-up:

To create an Album during upload:

  • Click on "Upload" at the top right (on a computer) or click the + on a mobile device.
  • Select the photos/videos for upload.
  • The "Share Media" pop-up will appear. 
  • Ensure that the Page name at the top is correct. (If not, search for the correct Page.)
  • Click "CREATE NEW".
  • The Album creation dialog box (see above) will pop up. Type in the information and click CREATE.
  • Click POST.