Have weekly photo “topics”

WHY: If teachers are finding it difficult to take and upload photos to Vidigami, having a different topic focus each week will help them remember to take some photos. It can also bring on a bit of “competitiveness” to see who uploads the most photos.

  • Create a Page called something like Weekly Focus, Weekly Topic,  or similar.
  • Each week, create an Album on the page that is related to a specific topic such as:
    • Technology
    • Outside the classroom
    • On the playground
    • Reading
    • Working with a partner
    • Working in groups
    • Puzzling it Out
    • Writing
    • Being Silly
    • Smiling
  • Ask students to come up with Topics. If your students are set up to use Vidigami, they can upload photos too! (Remember, you can set up Vidigami, so users can only upload to specific pages.)